Thursday, October 15, 2015

UT's first game of 1892 (and their first-ever win)

Earlier today the Tennessee Football facebook page posted this little gem.

They included a link to This Day in #Vols History (October 15) and this great photo of the 1892 UT football team.

Now, the post can be parsed a few different ways.  The Vols won their first-ever football game on this date in 1892!  On Oct. 15, 1892 Tennessee beat Maryville College, 25-0.

The Vols won their first-ever football game?  No.  They played against Sewanee on Nov. 21, 1891, losing the game in Chattanooga.

The Vols won their first-ever football game on this date?  Yes, that's true, but vague.

Maybe a better way to say it would be: In their second-ever football game the Vols got their first win...  A little clunky.

Bottom line, this is the program's first-ever win.  It was played on Saturday, October 15, 1892.  The team played at Maryville College, giving them a beat down.

Let's see what the Knoxville paper has to say.

Now here's the story from the Maryville paper.

Reading the accounts we see that a TD was worth 4 points.  A kick after the TD (a kick goal) was worth 2.  And a drop kick was worth 5 points.  Okay, I'll go with that.

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The Maryville Times from Chronicling America

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