Thursday, April 2, 2015

UT beats Tulsa - 1974

Earlier this week the University of Tennessee announced the hiring of Rick Barnes as the new Volunteers head basketball coach.

UT Football shared some photos on their facebook page.

"... recalled a game in 1974 when the Artful Dodger (Condredge Holloway) led the Vols to a comeback win over Tulsa."

Hmm.  That would be fun to track down.  A quick search through showed that the game was played in early October.  Helps to narrow it down.  In fact, it was played on October 5, 1974.

Mobile Register - October 6, 1974

Mobile Register - October 6, 1974

It isn't clear in the newspaper article that Holloway led the Vols to a comeback victory.  It was tied at 10 each in the fourth quarter.  It wasn't until Morgan's punt return for a touch down in the final minute of the game that UT regained the lead.

UT's on-line repository of yearbooks had a photo of reserve QB Randy Wallace.

Volunteer - 1975
"Reserve QB Randy Wallace prepares to hand off in action against Tulsa."

Wait.  What would the reserve QB be doing in the game?  The Vols started the season 1-1-1.  They wanted to win.  Why the reserve QB? 

Condredge Holloway was banged up in the first few games.  Knee and shoulder injuries plagued him.

Mobile Register - October 10, 1974
In fact, he sustained bruised ribs in the Tulsa game and spent the night at the hospital.  I guess that's a good enough reason to use the reserve QB.

Morning Advocate (Baton Rouge) - October 7, 1974
All of this still doesn't answer the question, "Did Condredge Holloway lead the Vols to a comeback win over Tulsa?"

Part of sports is the fond memories that we have of them, of the people we were with, of the victories, the spectacular plays.  In the big scheme of things sometimes it doesn't really matter who led which team to what victory.

UT beat Tulsa that day.  And Rick Barnes remembers it his way.

Welcome to Knoxville, Coach.  Please help create some fond memories for us.