Friday, January 2, 2015

1939 Orange Bowl

The Vols participated in their first bowl game on January 2, 1939.  The faced the Oklahoma Sooners in the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida.

The press, always wanting to find a headline, spreads the seeds of doubt to the Vol nation.

The Dallas Morning News - January 1, 1939

The Vols overcame their "lack of spirit" and flattened the Sooners, 17-0.

The Dallas Morning News - January 3, 1939

The University celebrated the victory with a two page spread in the 1939 Volunteer.  Game action.  Bathing beauties.  Coach Neyland.

And because you want to see them a bit more clearly, here are the individual pages.

The game presentation did not go off without a hitch, though.  A low flying plane took out the communication lines for a bit.
The Boston Herald - January 3, 1939

It wasn't just pilots that were knocked unconscious.  A UT cheerleader went down for the count during the game.
The Daily Herald (Gulfport and Biloxi, Mississippi) - January 5, 1939

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